Profound Moment - Excerpt from Sorrow - The Heart of a Princess

Profound Moment

Please enjoy the excerpt below from the book Sorrow - The Heart of a Princess.

The sun breaks through the clouds, bathing them in light. She turns to it, closes her eyes and smiles; basking in its glow. The gravity of nearly dying hits her with force and Elena feels an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the moment. She opens her eyes, looking at the beauty of the garden around her, committing as much of the experience to memory as she can.
If it weren’t for Damon I wouldn’t be standing here right now. I would have missed all this. I’m so lucky to be alive.
With the sun still beaming down on her, the heavens open in a torrential downpour. She laughs with exhilaration as she feels each warm drop splash against her skin.
“Come on Elena, let’s go!” She can hear Damon running to the entrance of the yard but she stays.
A rainbow appears in front of her. The beauty of this perfect moment takes her breath away. She falls to her knees and tips her head back, letting time wash over her and the water cleanse her.
Damon walks up to her and kneels in front of her. He has a questioning smile on his face.
“What are you doing?”
Elena just laughs again. She looks at Damon’s handsome face, his damp hair flat across his forehead.
“I just...” she begins. “I feel alive!”
Damon let’s out a startled noise as she throws her arms around his neck. She holds him tightly, sharing her profound moment with him.
“I’m alive Damon.” She breathes in his ear. “Thank you!”
After a moment of shock, his arms wrap around her waist, hugging her back. The warmth of his body is deeply soothing as they kneel in the rain. Elena begins to pull away but stops as she senses the tension between them. She considers Damon’s eyes; he’s never looked at her like that before, it makes her stomach do a somersault.
Her heart rate accelerates and she forgets how to breathe as his hand cups her cheek so tenderly. He pulls her to him, his eyes on her mouth. His gaze is intense, like her lips are water and he’s a man dying of thirst. He stops a few inches from her and continues to stare at her lips. Elena can only hear their ragged breathing as the downpour fades into the background. With a sigh, he closes his eyes and rests his forehead against hers, his thumb caressing her cheek.
Abruptly, he stands and walks away. Elena is breathing heavily as she stares at his retreating form, her mouth open in shock. Her fingers trail across her lips feeling the ghost of the kiss that didn’t happen. Her lips feel full and swollen as if she really had received a kiss intense enough to take her breath away.
They’d shared a moment that eclipsed all reason. In that moment Damon had wanted to kiss her and she had to admit, she’d wanted him to. The memory of his fervent gaze lingers in her mind and she feels a shudder uncurl deliciously through her spine.

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